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Nicoka comes with a list of usefull report we've already setup for you. But now with just a few clicks you can create your. They’ll all be automatically stored in the report library.

Custom Reports

You’ve got to love a beautiful, customized report. That’s why our application lets you filter, group, and sort just about every piece of data in the Nicoka system. Whatever it is you want to track, you’ll have accurate data in a heartbeat.

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Report Library

We’ve got a great report library already set up. Just choose, click and presto! Your data is all there, neatly compiled and ready to view. What kind of reports you ask? How about job and salary history, age and gender data, turnover rate and more.

Data Export

Whether you’re using the Report Library or creating a custom report, you can export any data in the Nicoka system into common formats like Excel, PDF, and CSV. And it won’t take forever. Just a few clicks.

Top Features
Customizable layout and data selection
Consolidate Multiple Information
Control access
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