About Us

The Nicoka Team

Nicoka is a beautifully simple HR software for fast-growing companies. It replaces tedious enterprise software and excel sheets with a straightforward tool that your team will actually enjoy using. From tracking employee information , handle timeoff and expenses, timesheet and projects, skills and career. Nicoka has everything you need to manage your human ressource, and nothing you don't.

Our story

For years, we have worked for different companies, using 4 or 5 different HR tools. Spend hours on filling timesheets, even if you are always filling the same way. And as a manager, receiving tons of notification emails, but without the right information . At some point it got personal. We make software. Surely we could do better.

Managing your company as it should be

We dream of software that is ready to use. You can start without a week of training. That looks like the application we are using after work, like Gmail or Facebook.

10 years of consulting made Nicoka

And here we are. Affordable, usable, likeable HR web application. It has everything you need and nothing you don’t. It’s built for teams. It’s on the cloud, it doesn’t need a manual, it gets the job done. It is Nicoka.